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How Does a One-Week Driving Course Work?

Obtaining a driver's licence is an exciting yet often time-consuming process. However, for those with a need for speed or a tight schedule, the option of a one-week driving course presents itself as an appealing alternative.


So, here’s everything you may need to know about the 1-week driving course along with the ways to obtain a driver’s licence quickly through it.

What’s Involved in a 1-Week Driving Course?

It’s a 5-day driving course, ideal for students aiming to complete their driving test within a week. These lessons usually last for 2-5 hours daily, helping you finish the course within a week rather than following a traditional learning schedule which may take several months of learning. In this course, the driving instructor will try and work around your availability as much as possible. Moreover, the optimal approach is to schedule your lessons once you have the practical driving test date confirmed, then plan backward from that date to accommodate your hours of preparation.

How does a 1-Week Driving Course work?

First, you must pass your theory test before starting the one-week driving course because the DVLA doesn’t allow you to book a practical driving test without it.

There are also waiting times for practical tests that may change regularly. Hence, it’s advisable to wait until you have secured a practical road test appointment before planning your intensive course. Working backward from the test date allows you to organise your lessons effectively.

For those opting for a semi-intensive course, starting lessons earlier is feasible, especially if the urgency to complete the course within weeks is not a primary concern. We offer assistance in preparing for your theory test through our extensive collection of free study materials on our app.

Depending on the waiting time on the government’s booking system, the practical driving exam will probably be scheduled on the last day of your training.

Is This Course Suitable for You?

An ideal candidate for a one-week driving course should already be aware of the driving basics. Additionally, taking and passing the theory test before the course commences can prove highly beneficial. This approach not only demonstrates readiness but also significantly expedites the learning process, saving you from potential delays with ease.

So, what’s the status of your driving journey? If you're well-versed in a car's controls and have mastered things like steering and clutch control, a one-week driving course might be the perfect accelerator to get you across the finish line. However, if you're a complete novice, still figuring out the gear stick from the handbrake, then it will be beneficial to take some time and learn the basics from scratch.

We can Help You Pass the Test in the First Attempt!

Our intensively curated range of courses caters to individuals at various stages of their driving journey. Whether you're a novice driver or seeking a quick refresher, our offerings are designed to meet your needs. Also, most of our learners easily clear their driving test in the first attempt through our extensive range of courses. So, rest assured, our intensive courses contribute to the development of safe and confident drivers! 

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