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How To Use A Mini-Roundabout

In order to know how to use a mini-roundabout, the first thing you need to know is what exactly a mini-roundabout is.


Well, a mini-roundabout is a circular-shaped intersection that is used for managing vehicles in areas with relatively less traffic on the roads.

Highway Code mini roundabouts require drivers to approach and use the roundabout carefully and with caution to avoid accidents.

Here we see the proper method of using a mini-roundabout so the next time you drive on one, you do it right. So, let’s delve into how you should use a mini roundabout. 

Reduce The Speed

The first and foremost step is to reduce your vehicle’s speed so you can safely enter the roundabout without being a hazard to other cars that are already using the roundabout.

Due to the circular shape of the roundabouts, approaching them at high speeds is dangerous because it can lead to even turning the car turtle in the most extreme cases. 

You should keep an eye out for the traffic calming devices that are often positioned before mini roundabouts to reduce the speed of oncoming vehicles.

Following Road Signs

Constantly keep checking the road signs and do what they say. Often following these road signs is the simplest and the most effective way of correctly using a mini roundabout.

Keep A Check On Other Cars

When on the roundabout be mindful of other vehicles and ensure that you proceed only when you have the right of way. This way you can make sure that no unfavourable situation occurs.

Look Out For Pedestrians

Although it is quite unlikely, sometimes pedestrians might cross the roads at mini-roundabouts and as a driver, it is your responsibility to be fully aware of such situations and act in a way that is safe for everyone on the road.

Choose The Correct Lane

When you choose the wrong lane on a mini roundabout, the chances of a road accident increase manifold. That is why choosing the correct lane, according to your vehicle’s speed is pivotal. 

When using the mini-roundabout, make sure that you stick to your lane and don’t change it every now and then because this can lead to confusion for other drivers and can even lead to accidents.

It is also suggested that when using a mini roundabout, you should not overtake other vehicles as in such cases, the vehicles are not moving in a straight line. Thus, the chances of accidents are higher.

Using Car Indicators

When exiting mini roundabouts, it is a good practice to use the vehicle’s indicators to let others know where you are headed. This is quite useful for other drivers on the road.

Be Mindful Of The Blind Spots

Continuously check to see if there is something hidden from view on the other side of the roundabout because as a driver, you will often find yourself in such a situation.

Final Verdict

Make sure that you know the highway code roundabout so you follow the rules prevalent in your country. 
Following these roundabout rules and sticking to the highway codes can not only make your life safer but also those around you. 

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