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Why Is The LGV Theory Test So Important?

Becoming a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) driver is an attractive career path that many individuals want to take. However, doing so requires you to pass several driving tests and the LGV theory test is one of them.


In this article, we look at the various aspects of this test including the LGV hazard perception test. 

We will also look at how you can prepare for this test using the LGV theory test practice tools which can considerably increase your chances of clearing the exam.

The LGV theory test is the first step if you are interested in getting an LGV driving licence. 

It is an extensive test that assesses several factors such as safe practices related to driving large good vehicles as well as the rules and regulations of the road.

Understanding The LGV Theory Test

For clearing the test, it is important to know its format. The LGV theory test comprises two sections which are:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

These multiple-choice questions cover a wide array of topics including:

  • Road signs;
  • Vehicle loading;
  • Road safety.

Candidates must answer 100 MCQs in total and correctly answer at least 85 of them to pass the test.

These questions are designed in a way that they check the driver’s grip and knowledge of driving an LGV and the associated challenges.

Hazard Perception Test

This is the second part of the LGV theory test and it checks the candidate's ability to respond to various hazards on the road. During this test, drivers watch a series of video clips and they need to identify potential hazards.

Each clip contains different hazards, and the drivers must timely identify them. The scoring is based on the time taken by the candidate to respond as well as the accuracy of the answers.

Preparing For The LGV Theory Test

Like any other test, comprehensive preparation is required to clear the theory test LGV. Some of the effective steps that interested candidates can take to get the desired results are as under: 

Official Study Material

The UK government provides the following official study material:

  • Highway Code;
  • Official DVSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles.  

These extensive documents contain all the information required for clearing the LGV test.

Online Practice Tests

Another effective way to prepare for the theory test for LGV is the online practice tests. The benefit of these online practice tests is that they can be taken from anywhere. 

Such tests simulate the actual test environment; thus, candidates get accustomed to the test environment and the types of questions they have to answer in the test. 

This LGV theory test practice is quite helpful as it boosts their confidence significantly.

Mobile Applications

Multiple mobile applications are now available on both iOS and Android platforms that offer a great opportunity to answer interactive questions on the go.

Such apps also contain hazard perception video clips and thus candidates can get well prepared using such apps.

Revision Books

Revision books offering different types of practice questions and their explanations are also highly in demand.   

LGV Hazard Perception Test Practice

The key to passing this test is to practise regularly using video clips similar to the ones that appear in the test. This way candidates can train their minds to quickly identify and point out hazards.  

In addition to this, improving your general hazard awareness is the key to success and for this purpose, you can get help from qualified drivers and see how they tackle complex situations. 

Final Verdict

If you are interested in becoming a professional LGV driver, passing the LGV theory test is a must.

Several candidates find this test quite daunting. However, practice is the key to success and by following the tips given above and using the resource/practice material mentioned above, the chances of success can be considerably increased.

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