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How To Get A Coach Driving Licence

Are you considering a coach driving career in the UK? Having your PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) can open up a new world of opportunities for you in England and all the European Union (EU). There is a significant increase in the demand for drivers of large vehicles offering an attractive salary and other privileges.


The permit for driving these substantial automobiles is called HGV (Heavy goods vehicle) or LGV (Large goods vehicle). In this article, we will guide you through the steps to obtain one. Follow these simple steps, and who knows how your new year might end up on open roads.

To drive a coach, you need to pass the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). But, for commercial use or to make it a living, you'll have to pass an additional PCV (Passenger-carrying vehicle) test.

Here is their brief overview of both.

CPC Certificate

This test was started in 2008 for bus/coach and in 2009 for lorry. This driver certificate of professional competence is the ultimate qualification for professional coachmen. It is introduced all over the EU to improve road safety and hazard management. It is subdivided into these four tests:

  1. Theory
  2. Case study
  3. Driving ability
  4. Practical demonstration

The first two tests are performed on a computer, while the last two are physical, as the names suggest.

PCV Certificate

According to the National Driving Center, "PCV D is a permit that allows you to drive vehicles with more than 16 passengers". It also contains:

  1. Theory test
  2. Practical skills test

These tests consist of multiple-choice (100 questions), hazard perception (19 videos with 20 visible hazards), and practical driving tests. DVSA has published many books to aid in preparation for these tests. 
For a better understanding of these tests, you can download our app for free. Here, you'll find everything from highway code and road signs to mock exams and quizzes. For more, subscribe to our Express mode & purchase the official books of DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency) from any EBook store.

Here are some requirements to get a PCV licence:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    You must be at least 18 years old and have a complete car driving licence.

  2. Medical and criminal record certificates:
    Undergo a mandatory medical checkup at authorised labs, covering eyesight, blood pressure and general fitness. A criminal record check (DBS) is also mandatory.

  3. Having a Provisional or Learner Licence:
    You'll have to apply for a provisional (learner) licence of D-Category. Category D allows you to drive a vehicle with more than 16 passengers. Send these documents and your Photocard permit to DVLA.

  4. Preparation:
    Preparing for this test indicates the big responsibilities ahead. In a trusted institution, you will simulate everything a driver faces. They teach driving and everything related, like correct sitting posture, sleeping patterns, vehicle road worthiness, and your responsibilities toward it.

  5. Delivery of HGV:
    Once you pass the CPC and PCV tests, you'll get your HGV at your address within three weeks. 

This HGV must be renewed after every five years or every year if you are 65 years or older. The renewal requires 35 hours of CPC driver training for requalification.

Are you considering becoming a coach driver?

By this time, you'll understand that a good driving instructor and a solid training institute are a must. Passing a coach driving licence can take up to 6 weeks of dedication and hard work. No one wants to mess it up by failing. Instructors are generally veteran drivers with decades of experience on large vehicles. They know how to do well in hazard perception tests or PCV Reverse manoeuvring. Have faith in them and join an established driving school.

Becoming a coach driver in the UK is a fulfilling career, but getting PCV may cost you around 1000 pounds. So, do it with complete dedication. Download our RAY DRIVING THEORY APP if something needs to be added in your preparation, and become a certified coach driver with us.

Expert advice for Coach/Bus practical driving test: 

Consider driving 15-20 hours before the actual test, as It will make your drive natural and more articulate. Keep looking at rearview mirrors & surroundings. Take cones as a narrow tunnel where you won't turn casually.

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